Daily Dart Peeps Profile: NDA Master Player Toni Alcinas, Spain

NDA: Toni, tell us a bit about yourself—where you grew up and live now…and your family.  Besides work (and darts) any hobbies or interests? 

 TONI:  I was born on a wonderful island in Spain called Mallorca.  I live with my girlfriend and our beautiful daughter who is 6 months old. We live in the countryside and thank God this confinement has been different. If I don’t play darts, I like to be with my family and go for a walk and eat.

NDA: What do you do for work these days?

TONI: I work as a car mechanic and the truth is that these days there is very little work and we only work 5 hours a day.

 NDA:  How much of your time do you devote to the sport these days—whether it be playing or practicing?

TONI:  Well after working in the workshop in the afternoons, I always do something at home like chopping wood or cleaning. At night I train about two hours.

NDA:  On the latter, what is your practice regime like?

TONI: Always before I start, I do a round of doubles on the steel target and then I play games online with friends so as not to lose shape.

NDA: What’s the coolest thing you have gotten to experience as an elite dart player?

TONI:  The best thing has been the trips around the world that I have been able to do, since without darts I don’t think I would have been able to do so.

NDA: What do you like most about darts?

TONI: What I like the most is the number of good friends I have met.

NDA: What advice would (or do) you give to new/novice dart players?

TONI: That they never give up, that with dedication, effort and passion, everything can be achieved.

NDA:  If you could pick one person you’d like to play a game of darts with, who would it be and why?   

TONI: Ha-ha! I would like to play a Game with Rafael Nadal because for me he is the Greatest in the world of sports and I have a lot of admiration for him, he never gives a ball for a loss and he never gives up.

NDA: You have been to Team Dart in Las Vegas.  What is your view of this event…among the many dart events you participate in?

 TONI:  The last time I was in 2014 was playing the world in Las Vegas, for me the first time I went was 2010 and I found it impressive and many people, but also note that in Spain they do very nice Championships with a high level of competition.

NDA:  What is your favorite…

…Movie:   Braveheart

…Music or band: AC-DC

…Food: Macaroni

…Thing to do in Vegas (besides playing darts):   Visit all the hotels you can and shows, also go to the Grand Canyon by car if it is possible.

NDA:  Finally, what have you been doing to get through these challenging times?    What is your typical day like?   

TONI:  Well, as I mentioned before, being with my family and doing jobs and training a little, and yes, it is difficult without being able to hug and be with my sisters and friends.

Published May 6, 2020

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