AMOA & NDA to Host Zoom Webinar on Best Practices for ‘Running Remotes’

March 17, 2021

Pandemic Shines Light on Remote Dart Play; AMOA & NDA to Host Zoom Webinar on Best Practices for ‘Running Remotes’ March 30, 2021 at 1:00 PM CT

Remote dart leagues and tournaments is not a new concept. Many operators, particularly those with locations that are located in sparsely-populated areas separated by considerable distance, have found remote dart play—where players congregate at their “home bars” to compete against darters from other similar spots—to be a perfect fit.
During the past year, with COVID creating chaos in traveling leagues, many dart league organizers have discovered the benefits of remote dart league play.
And so has NDA. After launching a monthly weekend remote dart tournament in August 2019, it saw a surge of interest and participation during the pandemic in 2020. The spike continues as the U.S. and world slowly starts to emerge from the public health crisis.
So, how does it work? How do operators get started in remote play? What are some of the dos and don’ts? And how do operators find the proper balance between remote and traditional in-person dart competition?
AMOA and NDA are teaming up to conduct a special one-hour webinar session to address these and other questions on “running remotes.”
Our Panels/Presenters:
·      Blake LaFleur, IF Lafleur & Sons Inc, Devils Lake, ND
·      Mike Gannon, Arachnid 360, Rockford, IL
·      Ed McCammack, Phoenix Darts USA, Henderson, NV
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