2021 NDA Team Dart On Track For Mid-June in Vegas!

February 25, 2021

35th Anniversary Team Dart; June 10-16, 2021

During the worst parts of the prolonged pandemic, the prospect of dart players coming together for a tournament seemed a remote possibility.  But that scenario was also what provided us—NDA’s player base, its operator membership, leadership and staff—considerable hope and a unifying goal to focus on as we navigated through this unprecedented challenge.
At this writing, things are trending positively on the COVID mitigation front. While still far from over, things are opening up and restrictions are slowly being lifted, which moves us closer to that goal of assembling for a dart event.
Currently, NDA’s Team Dart is definitely on for June 10-16, 2021 at the Paradise Event Center in Las Vegas and like you, we can’t wait.
This awesome news is tempered by several unknowns, most of them out of NDA’s control.   Will players outside the United States be permitted to travel?  What will the capacities in the tournament facilities be? What protocols will be required by state/local officials?
Right now, we are focused on and planning for the best Team Dart we can possibly conduct! We know there will be new rules to follow and new practices put into place at this year’s tourney to ensure the health and safety of all…at virtually every “intersection of interaction.”
Candidly, for those unable or unwilling to endure some inconvenience, comply with the COVID-related mandates or adapt to the new “rules of engagement,” this year’s Team Dart may not be for you.
On the other hand, for those who just can’t wait to re-connect with fellow players, find fun in Vegas and compete at one of the best soft-tip dart tournaments in the world—and accept the new realities associated with this year’s mission—NDA encourages you to join us!
We realize many players have had their leagues shut down or scaled back to the point that meeting the minimum game qualifications might be an issue. Not to worry. NDA has, for this year’s tourney only, expanded the qualification period to ensure players are able to meet the criteria; New qualifying playing period April 1, 2019 through April 30, 2021.
So what are you waiting for?  Registration is open, so contact your operator/dart league coordinator to get signed up.
So, here’s what’s waiting for you:
It’s the 35th birthday for Team Dart and NDA has some awesome events planned for players this year:
·     Party by the Pool. As long as weather holds up, this year’s Player Party (7-10 p.m. on Thursday, June 10) will be conducted on the 3rd floor Pool Deck of Westgate Las Vegas!
 ·     Dance, Drink and Be Merry.   NDA is bringing back a live band to the Player’s Party, so come have some complimentary beer with your fellow players and listen/dance to some great live music from the Saints of Las Vegas!
 ·     Westgate Raffles. Throughout the tournament, NDA will be conducting daily random drawings for players to win neat stuff—from show tickets to team meals—35 giveaways to mark 35 years of Team Darts!
 ·     Walkin With Some Swag. This year’s Player Swag Bag will include some neat items. Ya gotta be there to get the freebies!
 ·     More Live Stream.   Working with USA Darts Production, NDA is expanding its hours of streaming Team Dart competition to be featured this year. Tell your friends back home to watch the action!
 ·     Commemorative Jerseys.  NDA is teaming up with Magic Wear to offer special 35th anniversary jerseys, while our apparel supplier, Discount Custom Apparel, will have a wide assortment of Team Dart t-shirts, hats, hoodies and other wearables on sale during the 2021 tourney!
 ·     Tickled Pink! That’s how we feel about this year’s inaugural Pink Ladies event, a Doubles 501 competition set for Sunday evening, June 13. Whether you’re playing or watching this ladies-only event, players and spectators are encouraged to support the cause.
 ·     Boost Your Game.  On Friday and Saturday (June 11 and 12), Magic Darts’ will host a teaching dart techniques during one-on-one sessions with players.   Come pick up some “tips from the top” during these special clinics in the Team Dart practice room.
 ·     Give it Your Best Slot.  We’re working with Westgate to offer players the chance to jump into a special NDA Team Dart Slot Tournament.  So, why not pad your dart winnings with some slot tourney money as well?
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