Daily Dart Peeps Profile: Player/Bar Owner Tanya Jansen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

NDA: Tanya, tell us a bit about yourself—where you grew up and live now…and your family.   Besides work, any hobbies or interests? 

 TANYA:  I was born and raised in Winnipeg.   I run a family-owned bar called  the LaSalle Hotel, which also includes 43 units/tenants, most of whom are  monthly rentals.    I enjoy cooking and  being with family and friends.  I have  three kids—two boys and a girl, ranging in age from 22-27  years old.          

My parents bought the bar in 2006.   My father, who was legally blind, ran it  like a “Cheers” bar, where everyone knew each other’s names.   We lost him to  cancer three years ago, and now, my Mom, son, his fiancé and I run the bar.

 NDA: When did you start playing darts?            

 TANYA:   I started about nine years ago, after playing pool for about seven years.   I found pool didn’t fit well with my kids’ schedule, so I started throwing darts.   Now, I play two nights in leagues out of my bar:  Pink Ladies  and a regular league.   We brought darts in about five years ago.   We have boards and run leagues on   Tuesday and  Thursday nights and a Pink Ladies league on Monday nights.

NDA: What’s the best thing you like about darts?

TANYA:   I’m a bit of a social butterfly, so having a night out with my   friends is what I like.   We’re playing out of my bar, but it doesn’t feel    like that.    I love to see people laughing, smiling, giggling and having fun      and that’s what happens when we’re playing darts.   There is a real sense    of community and family in darts

NDA: How’s your game?    

TANYA—(Laughs).  Not very good, but to me it’s all about the social aspect and being with my dart family.

 NDA: Have you been to Team Dart?   Were you going this year?

TANYA:   Yes, I’ve been going for about seven years now.    I’ve played singles and doubles and for the past 3-4 times, have played more fully,   including team events.

I was disappointed it got cancelled and a lot of my friends were, too.   But I can tell you that  Vegas is going to be ‘a thing’ next year.    Team  Dart and Las Vegas are going to be overrun with   Canadians next year!

NDA: What’s happening in Winnipeg now?  

TANYA:    The bars were shut down and we have been closed since March 17.   The schools are closed, the streets are quiet and it’s hard not  being able to hug and kiss my Mom and loved ones.   But it’s also been a  time to appreciate and be grateful for all we do have

NDA: What have you and your family been doing to get through things these days?

TANYA:   We’ve been playing a lot of cards, doing puzzles, watching  movies and taking our two dogs out for lots of walks.   We have five   adults here in the house, but we’re fine.    Just staying home and doing what we can to flatten the curve and get this behind us.    

NDA: Tell us about your involvement with Pink Ladies.

 TANYA:  We formed a chapter here in Winnipeg and I’ve been involved in   it since the beginning.    We run fall, winter and summer Pink Ladies   leagues and I have met so many great ladies…lots of them never played   the game before.    We’ve made donations to some who have been    battling cancer.   We all know someone who has been affected by it, so     we feel Pink Ladies is making a difference.

We had signed up for this year’s Pink Ladies event in Vegas.   I was going    to play with someone who had never played before.   It was kind sad, but    like I said, next year is going to be awesome!   Bottom line, everyone has to stay safe and appreciate the blessings we  have.   I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Tanya’s favorite…

        –Movie:   Pretty Woman

        –Music:   Anything Country!

        –Food:     Standard issue steak

        –TV show:   Any of the NCIS shows.  I’ve been watching them from  scratch.

        –Things to do in Vegas (besides playing darts):  Trying new restaurants  and going to Fremont Street with my friends

NDA: Anything else to add?

TANYA:  Our dart operator, Paul Krenz, has been great.   He is willing to   help out with anything and he basically has darts on his mind 24-7.    He  tries really hard to support us, the players and the dart community here.

Published April 7, 2020

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