NDA Winners of October 24th Remote Tournament 2020

Winners of the October 24th NDA Remote Tournament
Thank you to all the Operators and Players that participated in our October Remote Tournament!
We had 57 teams, 114 players, and awarded $ 4000 in prize money!
Our next remote tournament is earlier due to our Thanksgiving Holiday !
Mark your calendars for November 21st!
Registration OPENS Friday, November 13th!
Here is a list of Our Open Doubles October winners :
Level 1 – First Place: Robert Pratt & Johnny Lackey, Star City Amusements
Level 1 – Second Place: James Henninger & Paul Myklebust, Games Unlimited/Valley Video Games
Level 2 – First Place: Terry Linde & Nate Miller, IF Lafleur & Sons, Inc.
Level 2 – Second Place: Kevin Youngs & Cody Vasquez, BMW Billiards
Level 3 – First Place: Jason Mcquithy & Tim Zoellner, City Amusement Enterprises
Level 3 – Second Place: Jason Trouba & Zachary Christensen, VVS, Inc.
Level 4 – First Place: Scott Aschemeier & Chet Hermsen, D & E Music & Vending
Level 4 – Second Place: Melanie Strand & Austin Killoran, Games Unlimited/Valley Video Games
Level 5 – First Place: Paul Davidson & Joe Burnham, BMW Billiards
Level 5 – Second Place: Paul Krenz & Cathy Cook, Aactive Coin Machines
Level 6 – First Place: Justin Thomas & Jesse Azure, IF Lafleur & Sons, Inc.
Level 6 – Second Place: Sarah Ferraro & Austin Kauppila, BMW Billiards
Level 7 – First Place: Steve Seagraves & Lissi Franco, Derrick Music Company
Level 7 – Second Place: Andrea Trouba & Kaylee Gray, VVS, Inc.
Level 8 – First Place: Dave Verrier & Michael Hadder, Aactive Coin Machines
Level 8 – Second Place: Lela Rissler & Bryce May, Wyoming Amusement, Inc.
A special thank you to ALL the players who participated and spent the day with the NDA!
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